This is a repository of my artwork that I made while studying vector graphics and 3D modeling

3D modeling

Vector graphics: SVG images

You can use everything in this repository in your projects, works, etc. within the confines of the license.

3D modeling

I use BES for all long-term renders. It slows down rendering, reducing load on the CPU, which is critical for me.

Some technical information

Vector graphics

For vector graphics, the templates were taken from the Internet, but I drew all the vector images myself.

Each SVG image has a colored or/and black-and-white version. You can download:

Links are located at the bottom of each page.

Some technical information

If you have found a bug, mistake, or a typo, you are very welcome to contact me on or open a new GitHub issue.

Please do not create a Pull Request to this repository as it only contains my work.

Copyright © 2020 - 2021 Nikita Paniukhin

License: MIT